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Author Newsletter 

Author Newsletter - VOL 3: October 2023


What I'm Reading 

Whatever his flaws, Elon Musk is one of the most important men of our age.

What I'm Watching

I am binging this taut, high-voltage spy thriller. 

The Newest Addition to the family

Meet Ava! Lisa and I rescued her from a puppy mill in Lancaster. Affectionate and crazy, she has brought new energy to our whole family.

A Nice Break

Lisa and I spent a few days at one of our favorite spots, Middleburg, Virginia, where we had the chance to play with the goats.


VOL 2: September 2023

Sad News on the Homefront

To our friends, followers and readers:  Lisa and I are sad to report that our companion and protector—Pharaoh, King of Dogs—passed in July after a courageous battle with bone cancer. 

To our boy:
We hiked 10,000 miles together. Mountains, hills, forests and fields, farms, beaches, and streams—they were all your playgrounds. Your backyard. 

You ran. God how you ran. You were Grace in motion. Power, and speed. Nobility.

You were patient. You put up with your little sister’s antics, and her endless ear-licking. The neighborhood kids would pet you at will, and you didn’t balk. 
You were a gentle giant.

You loved tubbies. And chicken rolls. And steak and ice-cream, and blueberry scones.

And you were a dog. You threw yourself onto the ground and rolled and wiggled in all manner of foul substance. You loved finding skeletons. When a fox dared get too close to our home, you raised your hackles and raced for the door. At times you were defiant, and you smiled at your defiance. 

You were our friend. Our companion. Our protector. You were the head of security, captain of the guard. And we had total confidence in you. 

And you were love, with a heart as big as your ears. Your strength of will powered you through your war with cancer. In the end, it killed you, but you killed it right back!

What will endure, forever, is the joy and love you brought to everyone who knew you. And for as long as we live, our own love for you, and memories of the times we shared together, will live as well.

Good night, sweet prince.

What I’m Reading

What I’m Watching

Trial by Richard North Patterson

The Godfather of Harlem.


I’m half-way through this book but already it has made an impression on me. Trial is a propulsive and compelling tale of the role that racial conflict plays in our criminal justice system—and society at large. I strongly recommend it.


I’ve just finished season one of this three-season masterpiece. Based on the life of Harlem crime boss Ellsworth “Bumpy” Johnson, the series has the feel, for me, of Breaking Bad and The Wire. I can’t stop binging.

On the Law Front


On the law front, I continue plugging away on behalf of my clients, righting wrongs. Oral argument before the Pennsylvania Superior Court, depositions in Philly, mediation in Manhattan. The fight never ends.

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Righting/Writing Wrongs Vol:1


The Official Author/Lawyer Newsletter of author/attorney William L. Myers Jr.

My Books

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Favorite Photos:


My Wife Lisa, our two lunks-Pharaoh and Phoenix—and the critters at Goodstone Inn in Middleburg, Virginia

What I'm Reading:


I’ve just begin reading the second book in the Aloysius Archer series. The books are set in the late forties and the protagonist is a newly-minted “Shaumus,” or private eye. The old-timey language is great and the books are chocked with memorable characters.

What I'm Watching:


 Just finished Part Two of Season Four, the finale. Wow! What a dark journey!

Talking With the Greats

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On the Law Front:

After years of hard-fought litigation and a nine-day trial, my team and I secured a $21 million verdict on behalf of a seriously injured client. To read the press release, click the following link:

Thank You!

Thank you for reading my Newsletter and reading the books. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy writing them. Please feel free to follow me on my social media sites:

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