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Local author/lawyer William L. Myers, Jr. discusses style and content with author Alan Drew. Drew is a professor of English at Villanova University and author of the novels "Shadowman" & "Gardens of Water".

How do Innocent People Get Convicted of Murder? Host William Myers,Jr. welcomes Melissa Bluestein, the Executive Director of the Pennsylvania Innocence Project.

Dubbed “The Devil Wears Prada” meets “The West Wing” and “Sex in the City” meets Washington, Beck Dorey Stein’s New York Times bestseller, “From the Corner of the Oval” chronicles her years in the Obama White House and why she quit under Trump. Check out this fascinating and hilarious interview.

Author & host William Myers, Jr. discusses lessons learned from Sir Ernest Shakelton's Anarctic Expeditions and how they can be applied to modern decision making, business management, and team building with Author Brad Borken.
Host William Myers, Jr. welcomes New York Times Best-selling author William Lashner. The author discusses the art and creativity of creating characters.
Lawyer/Author Bill Myers discusses "Literary Philadelphia" with local Author & Columnist Thom Nickels.