Carson Wentz, A Story

If I were writing a book, I couldn't pen a more devastating climax. This isn't just a football story. This is a story of a guy who achieved the American dream, through his God-given talent and hard work, dedication and the gift of leadership, and who raised our whole city along with him.

Carson Wentz never knew he would end up in the NFL. He was recruited to play college football for North Dakota State Bisons. He was their quarterback and he was great. But North Dakota State is a small school. That it’s quarterback would end up the second pick in the first round of the NFL Draft is unheard of.

Here, in the City of Brotherly Love, we Eagles fans share a love-hate relationship with our team. Lincoln Financial Field is a pressure cooker where the natives don’t get restless, we get mad. At our coaches, our owners, our players. What has angered us the most is that we keep coming close but can never seem to be able to bring home that big silver trophy. 

The Eagles have always had talent. We’ve even had some good quarterbacks--Ron Jaworski, Randall Cunningham. But good hasn't proven to be good enough. What the Eagles always needed was greatness. With Carson Wentz we’ve found it.

Led by Wentz, The Eagles became mechanical beasts on the field. Jay Ajayi at six foot, 200 pounds leaped over human hurdles. Alshon Jefferys had fifty-two receptions and eight touchdowns, catching Wentz passes like it was effortless.

On Sunday against the Rams, Wentz threw four touchdown passes. At the end of the third quarter, the Eagles were three yards from the end zone. Wentz had the ball, and searched for a teammate to throw it to. Then he saw an opening and ran it in himself. As he jumped head first over the goal, three Rams defenders tackled him. Three defenders, three giants, launching into him. Wentz made his touchdown, the fans went nuts.

What no one knew was that Wentz had injured his leg earlier in the game. With so much on the line, the playoffs, the NFC championship, he played through his pain. But, when he went in for the touchdown and was tackled his ACL tore, and he couldn't hide it anymore. 

The Eagles still carried the day, led by Nick Foles, who picked up the torch as Wentz headed for the locker room. The win puts the Eagles in the playoffs and makes us NFC champions. 

Still, our hearts are broken. Moses has taken us to the promise land, but can’t lead us into it.

Maybe we’ll make it all the way to the Super Bowl. Maybe not. Either way, tens of thousands of people in our town are thinking about Carson Wentz, loving what he’s done for us and praying for a speedy recovery. So, for today we take pride, that, the City of Brotherly Love is earning its title.